Salt tablets Aqua Pro

Intended use

Domestic appliances and water treatment plants
Industrial water treatment plants
Car washes
Industrial water treatment plants


10  kg
15  kg
20  kg
25  kg
Big Bags
500  kg
1000  kg

About the product

Water hardness causes excessive consumption of softening agents as well as formation of boiler scale that reduces efficiency of the heating process and significantly increases fuel consumption. This is why the use of treatment agents in Poland is becoming more and more popular. For this purpose, a specialized water softening system is used in which salt tablets, also called tabletted salt, are used.

Tablets are made of evaporated salt with anti-caking agent content below 3 mg/kg and do not contain mechanical impurities. A tablet is odourless and when used for water, it will provide it with excellent parameters. Water will be completely safe to health and ready for immediate use.

Benefits of
salt tablets

  • Effective water softening
  • Reduction of use of water, washing powder, soap, shampoo and dishwasher consumption
  • Boiler scale protection of the system
  • Reduction of sludge in showers, fittings and ceramic tiles
  • Extending the service life of household appliances