CIECH Soda Polska in the group of renowned suppliers of fodder grade salt compliant with the GMP+ chain

CIECH Soda Polska in the group of renowned suppliers of fodder grade salt compliant with the GMP+ chain

The GMP+ certificate confirms that producers of animal fodder (and their ingredients) meet international requirements aimed at guaranteeing the highest product quality and safety, and consequently - proper taste and quality of meat. It sets out fodder safety and quality requirements for producers, processors, traders, and transport organisations involved in the food chain to be able to trace and identify each component of a fodder product.

“We develop Group's salt business not only by consistently expanding our product portfolio, but also by taking care of the highest quality of products, confirmed by international certificates. Obtaining the GMP+ certificate puts CIECH in a leading position on fodder grade salt production market in terms of quality and will enable us to strengthen our cooperation with the largest fodder producers in Poland and in our region of Europe,” says Damian Kowenicki, Head of Business Unit Sól at CIECH.

The certificate is valid for three years provided two annual audits are carried out by independent experts.

“We have adapted procedures, adapted instructions, trained staff, and carried out audits to verify the progress of the work. This allows our fodder grade salt to be used by companies producing within the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Scheme. This is only possible if certification standards are met at every stage of production, storage and distribution of feed products that we ensure. Quality and safety are the most important values of CIECH Group,” says Zbigniew Paszkowicz, President of CIECH Soda Polska.

Fodder grade salt is an important component of animal fodder, as it supplements the minerals needed for cattle and pig farming. Animal fodder determines the quality of meat and other raw materials of animal origin.

The Janikowo plant produces over 1,500 tons of salt per day in 24/7 system. The range of salt products offered by the plant includes the popular Kujawska salt that can be bought in many retail chains in Poland, as well as salt tablets for water treatment. Salt products of CIECH Group are also sold in Western and Central Europe, as well as in Scandinavian countries. The salt product portfolio of the Janikowo plant is currently being expanded to include salt granulate for dishwashers and salt licks for farm animals.

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Mirosław Kuk, Spokesperson of CIECH Group, ph. +48 723 66 86 86.

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