CIECH is developing its salt business - the preparatory stage of the project, worth EUR 100 million, is underway.

CIECH is developing its salt business - the preparatory stage of the project, worth EUR 100 million, is underway.

The preparatory stage started after in-depth market and technological analyses that were supported by reputable consulting companies with international experience. The expert reports initially confirmed attractiveness of the project.

“Dynamic development of projects apart from soda ash, including salt business, is one of elements of our further growth. Currently, the strategy of salt product expansion is based on the use of production capacity of the plant in Janikowo in Kujawy. If a final decision is made to implement the project, a plant will be established within approximately 3 years to supply Western European markets with various products: from food grade salt through dishwashera salt, tablets to specialist pharmaceutical salt,” says Maciej Tybura, President of CIECH SA. Management Board

According to assumptions, a plant is to be built in Stassfurt of annual production capacity of 450,000 tonnes of dry salt (by comparison, the Janikowo plant produces approximately 600,000 tonnes of dry salt per year). Once it is launched, it will supply Western European markets while the plant in Poland will focus on the markets of Central Europe and Scandinavia. The advantage of location in Germany is the availability of its own sources of raw materials (brine) and a very convenient location allowing for expansion on attractive markets. According to the initial assumptions, the plant is to employ about 100 staff.

The commenced preparatory stage includes tender procedures related to project implementation, including the key technology, preparation of the plant design documentation, and obtaining administrative decisions.

CIECH Group has been intensively developing its salt business in recent years, investing in development of production capacities and expanding its product portfolio. Introduction of salt tablets to the offer and thus entering the very attractive market of water treatment products was one of effects of these actions. In addition, the PLN 30 million project is currently being carried out to introduce further products to the offer - dishwashers salt and salt licks intended for farm animals. The Group also offers food grade salt available in the largest retail chains to retail customers.

GCIECH Group has been present in Germany for 10 years after acquisition of the Sodawerk plant (currently CIECH Soda Deutschland). During this period, CIECH invested about EUR 100 million in Germany, among others, in the expansion of soda ash and baking soda production capacity.

Mirosław Kuk, CIECH Group Spokesperson, tel. +48 723 66 86 86.
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