CIECH Group will expand its salt product portfolio

CIECH Group will expand its salt product portfolio

“We are consistently expanding our portfolio of specialist products. Decisions to invest in salt granulate for dishwashers and salt for farm animals were preceded by a meticulous market analysis. We build our installations with the use of the latest, most effective technologies that will allow us to obtain the highest quality products,” says Artur Osuchowski, Member of CIECH SA. Management Board.

Salt granulate is used for water treatment (water softening) - e.g. in dishwashers and other household appliances that are becoming more and more popular in Central and Eastern Europe. CIECH wants to offer tablets both as a raw material and as a private label product sold in retail chains.

“By expanding our product portfolio with granulated salt, we are strengthening our position in the water treatment products market. We currently offer salt tablets - we are their largest manufacturer in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, with a solid position on the market. Introduction of the new product is a result of the strategy adopted by CIECH Group - development of specialist products,” says Damian Kowenicki, member of CIECH Soda Polska Management Board and Head of Business Unit "Sól".

The second of the new CIECH salt products is salt licks used in animal breeding. They provide animals with the necessary sodium and chlorine ions to improve efficiency and productivity of animal production. It is worth noting that in moderate climate, salt supplementation is very important, especially in summer and when feeding juveniles. According to Eurostat data, Poland is one of the countries with the largest cattle and dairy cow population.

“Salt licks will be targeted directly to final customers of the Agro business (large farmers) as well as fodder manufacturers. We will use the presence and recognition of the CIECH brand among farmers and breeders by, among others, using the solid market position and long-term relations of CIECH Sarzyna,” says Damian Kowenicki.

CIECH Group already offers products for cattle and pig farmers: fodder salt and purified soda (under the Sobic Feed brand), produced by CIECH Soda Polska. Additionally, CIECH Sarzyna, another member of CIECH Group, is the largest producer of plant protection products in Poland, also present in 40 countries globally.

Both the granulate and the licks will be produced at the plant in Janikowo near Inowrocław. The Janikowo plant produces over 1,500 tons of salt per day in 24/7 system. The range of salt products offered by the plant includes the popular Kujawska salt that can be bought in many retail chains in Poland. Salt products of from Janikowo are also sold in Western and Central Europe, as well as in Scandinavian countries. The plant holds a number of certificates that confirm the highest quality of production, including FSCC 22000 certifying the safety of production of food grade salt.

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